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GoldCap Chimney Sweep

About Us: Chimney Sweep Near Pinetop, Arizona

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Servicing White Mountains, AZ


GoldCap Chimney Sweep offers a full range of chimney repairs and fireplace repairs.

No matter the size of the job. Big or small. Services from repairing leaky chimney chase flashing to gas-burning fireplaces. We use state-of-the-art equipment to clean & restore fireplace systems of all kind. Wood-burning fireplaces require maintenance regularly.

Regular Chimney maintenance after burning 1-2 cords of wood. It is required to remove soot left behind after a long cold spell. Prevent any long term damage to the chimney lining and smoke-box areas. Services are recommended twice a year with active fireplaces.

goldcap-chimney repairs 928-358-7079 custom-caps-and-new-crown-job

Add aspen chips to the burn to prolong maintenance issues. Service Calls include a level one inspection. We will inspect any parts of the chimney system that may cause future damages. We will remove any obstructions that would limit chimney airflow.

Standard Chimney Sweeps come with a Level 1 Inspection. Clean Chimneys use the pressure difference to draw air out of & up the chimney flue, allowing for a continuous burn.

Regular smoke box clean-outs are required for the best results.

Chimney Repair:

GoldCap LLC, servicing The Arizona White Mountains Since 2008. Have your chimney and heating appliances inspected before the next heating season. Allowing time for replacement and operational issues is important.

Chimney repair services specializing in fireplace damage prevention and ventilation hazards. Our technicians keep to the standards of the CSIA. Our specialists are up to date with the NFPA standards for State and Local codes. We provide Fireplace Safety and Comfort Since 2008. Available to local realtors for home sales, providing home-Chimney & Fireplace inspections.

  • Chimney Crown Repair
  • Chimney Lining Repair
  • Chimney Cap Installs
  • Improve Air Quality
  • Remove Creosote
  • Protect from Debris and Critters
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Install Chimney Caps & Dampers:

​Help block out the environment with our high-quality stainless steel Chimney Caps. Keep out debris, animals, and prevent rust from occurring.

When moisture, animals, and debris become a problem call for a certified chimney sweep. Everyone can use an effective Stainless Steel Chimney Cap!

Chimney Crowns and Chase:

The Perfect Chimney Crown. Repairs from top to bottom. Get a proper inspection done by Gold Cap LLC. Long Term Chimney Weathering. Crown Cracks and long term Weathering can cause a chimney system to be compromised by leaks. Once damage starts it will only get worse if not corrected.

Keep the Crown and Chase in good shape so that the whole chimney top is not compromised. Request that your chimney tops are inspected during any regular chimney sweep service.

GoldCap Chimney Sweep Services can protect your favorite heating source from any major damages. Get a standard chimney sweep done today.

Chimney Top Masonry Repairs:

Without regularly scheduled maintenance, hidden problems could arise without the homeowner knowing anything until it's too late. Save yourself time and money from any major repairs in the future.

Chimney top masonry repairs are necessary immediately so that extensive damage does not compromise the whole chimney system and fireplace functions.

Call for a chimney inspection to maintain, replace, or restore your favorite heating appliance. Do not allow chimney masonry damage to continue and risk the safety of your family. Discounts are available for Arizona Realtors when needed. Realtors that need Inspections done during the 10-day inspection period.

Courtesy discounts are available to the Military as well.

Avoid Fire Damage To Chimney Lining

With regular fireplace maintenance, you can avoid major problems from occurring. Damage to your chimney lining & heating systems can turn into major expenses. Creosote and soot accumulation can catch fire and cause costly damages to your chimney lining. Also, soot restricts proper chimney flue airflow. When neglect goes on for too long many problems can occur. Over time chimney linings & heating systems may need restoration.

​Many house fires are caused by chimney flue fires every year. Request regular chimney sweeps services for your family's safety today.

Recommended Chimney sweeps and smokebox cleanouts after approximately 1-2 cords of wood burnt. Keep your heating systems in tip-top shape to run efficiently. It is best to get your chimney and fireplace serviced at least once a year depending on the fireplace usage.

The perfect time to request service is in the early spring and summer months. This will allow any time to fix any problems that may arise during the previous heating season. Any substantial fire damage will take a large amount of time to repair and could get costly. It is best to schedule major fixes early. We get very, very busy during the winter so please allow for any maintenance to be completed during the off-season.

Chimney Sweep Chimney Repair Fireplace Cleanout Services 928-358-7079 (1)
Chimney Cleaning Service Chimney Repair Fireplace Cleanout Services 928-358-7079 (1)
Chimney Sweep Chimney Repair Fireplace Cleanout Services 928-358-7079 (1)

Wood Burning Fireplace Repair

Wood-Stoves | Pellet Stoves | Gas Stoves

We install new or restore Pellet Stoves, Woodstoves, and Gas Fireplaces. Regularly Cleaned fireplaces keep the heating appliance in good working condition.

​Some heating appliances may need cleanouts once a month. Depending on how much they are in use. Request a standard chimney sweep as soot starts to restrict airflow. Or call to get your smokebox cleaned out regularly to make sure your heating appliance stays in good working order. It is a lot less expensive to maintain your heating appliance than it is to replace or restore.

​GoldCap LLC utilizes the latest tools and tech, accompanied by reliable customer service to diagnose chimney problems. Repairs may arise if soot and carbon build-up ends up catching fire up into chimney column, cracking your chimney lining. Please call for more information 928-358-7079​

Chimney-Repair-Chimney-Sweep-Cleaning (2)
Chimney-Repair-Chimney-Sweep-Cleaning (2)
Chimney-Repair-Chimney-Sweep-Cleaning (2)

Gas Fireplace Repair:

Whether you need a new custom gas fireplace or need to restore your existing fireplace please give GoldCap LLC a call. You can depend on our Gas Fireplace Services

Custom Gas Fireplace Installs

Whether you need a new custom gas fireplace or need to restore your existing fireplace please give GoldCap LLC a call. You can depend on our Gas Fireplace Services

​We pride ourselves on doing a clean professional job every time. Give your next gas fireplace that custom feel and quality you can trust.

gas fireplace repair white mountains arizona
gas fireplace repair white mountains arizona
gas fireplace repair white mountains arizona

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Gold Cap Chimney Repair & Fireplace Sweep White Mountains, AZ
Gold Cap Chimney Repair & Fireplace Sweep White Mountains, AZ

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